We’re a California based company and we received an audit notice from the State of Ohio.  They were requesting information from 2011 through 2017 and not just business information.  They were also requesting all the personal tax information from each officer of the Corporation.   It was very overwhelming and I wasn’t sure whom to turn to until I called Act Now.  I spoke with Ted and right away he put my mind at ease.  He explained that there was definitely going to be balances owed, based on what I told him, but they were going to ensure we paid back the smallest amount with little or no exposure to the officers of the company.  There were numerous people involved from our company, but Ted & Steven made everything seamless.  The numerous conference calls and emails were always clear, concise and returned in a timely manner.  They were able to take a very scary situation and turn it into a very manageable one.  I appreciate their professionalism and would recommend them to anyone it a similar situation.



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